Ray’s Approach

Experience & Approach to Business

Ray’s work experience uniquely positions him to identify and understand the issues pertinent to Ward 2 with the knowledge of how to navigate the system to get results. His transparent and collaborative approach to business has always served Ray well and his practice of keeping stakeholders informed is a commitment he would uphold in serving the interests of Ward 2 residents. Recognizing too, that life lessons are learned in a variety of situations, Ray takes a cue from his days playing for the Oakville Blades to note his understanding of teamwork and the importance of working closely with his Ward 2 Regional counterpart to make thoughtful and informed decisions.

“Growth needs to be managed in accordance to the Town’s Official Plan and early input from residents on development issues is critical to ensuring a transparent process.”

Ward 2 Issues

  • Traffic Congestion
  • Kerr Street revitalization
  • Speers Road widening
  • Ongoing infilling of small and large parcels of land
  • Re-development of the St. Hilda’s EMS station

Why Ray?

  • Demonstrated political acumen
  • Proven success in fiscal accountability
  • Experienced in municipal procedures
  • Extensive community network
  • Collaborative and transparent approach
  • Results driven